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Digging at the quarry is very hard work, and being careful while digging is very
important. The fossils are first brushed for removing sand particles. Then coarse gravel, sand, and mud are dug
out with a shovel. If the fossil is embedded in rock, pickaxes will be used to break the rock carefully and slowly.
If the rocks cannot be broken by picks, a little mild acid is poured to erode it, and the fossil is dug out.
The bones are covered with plaster of paris to strengthen them and hold them during the bumpy ride to the laboratory.
The bones are examined by a microscope to the ultimate detail and brushed with extreme care.
After lab work, the fossils are taken to the museum, where a cast skeleton will be made and displayed
from the original finds. The real fossils are then taken back to the lab, where it is safely stored until need
of use.